Rosemary herbal tea

Rosemary herbal tea

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Rosemary herbal tea:benefits, how it is prepared and properties. Tips for using homemade rosemary infusion. Interactions and probable contraindications.

Thereherbal tea with rosemaryit is an ancient preparation that is obtained from the leaves.

Rosemary herbal tea, benefits

Rosemary herbal tea provides tannins, choline, phenolic acids and vitamin C. Rosemary herbal tea can bring various benefits to the body, primarily the respiratory tract.

The strong presence of antioxidants makes theinfusion of rosemaryvery useful for improving skin health and preventing some cancers.

According to researchers from the University of Illinois, theinfusion of rosemaryit can be helpful for people with diabetes. For the same reason it is useful for controlling blood sugar peaks. It would seem that the active compounds of rosemary would be able to limit the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Regarding thehair, it is popular belief that theinfusion of rosemarycan prevent its fall and improve its growth.

Rosemary herbal tea for weight loss

Thereherbal tea with rosemaryit is useful forlose weight? Undoubtedly it has draining properties but it cannot be considered a remedy for weight loss. Indeed, since it would lower blood glucose concentrations, it can be said that it could be useful for those suffering from loss of appetite: in theory it should stimulate hunger.

Rosemary herbal tea, how to prepare it

How to prepare a rosemary tea? Many simple.

Prune a cup of water to a boil. Infuse a tablespoon of dried rosemary needles or leaves. Alternatively, you can use a large dried sprig to replace the needles already separated.

The dried rosemary should be left to infuse for 10-15 minutes. In order:

  • Bring a cup of water to a boil.
  • Turn off the heat.
  • Add a heaping tablespoon of dried rosemary leaves.
  • Let it cool and drink.

During the infusion, cover the cup to avoid the dispersion of aromas through the vapors: the vapors of yoursinfused with rosemarythey can be used for soothing fumigations.

Among the active compounds present in rosemary there are traces of eucalyptol as well as camphor, useful for solving nasal congestions and cooling problems.

Rosemary, properties and compounds

Therosemarycontains a series of active ingredients considered realpesticides. We are talking about compounds such as rosmarinic acid, camphor, caffeic acid, ursolic acid, betulinic acid, carnosic acid and carnosol.

For its active ingredients, therosemaryis popular for multiplecosmetic propertiesused for face, skin and hair care.

Rosemary essential oil is extracted from flowers, leaves and twigs. It is used as a natural remedy for various treatments, both cosmetic and therapeutic. For the cosmetic properties, please refer to the dedicated page: rosemary essential oil.

Warning! Essential oils are not without contraindications.Rosemary essential oil must always be diluted in another vegetable oil called carrier or carrier oil. Like all essential oils, rosemary oil is also an irrigant if used pure because it is highly concentrated in biologically active compounds.

Rosemary herbal tea, contraindications

Rosemary herbal tea may be contraindicated in people suffering from epilepsy. In these people, in fact, in case of excessive dosage, it could cause convulsions, vomiting and respiratory problems.

Betweencontraindications related to the use of infusions and herbal tea, we point out that it is to be avoided if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or who are trying to get pregnant. It is also contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity or allergies to its components.

Rosemary, magical properties

In the Middle Ages, rosemary was a very popular plant during thewedding ceremonies. Rosemary was associated with magical virtues and for this reason, all the guests had to wear a sprig of rosemary. He had the reputation of forging unions of love.

Herbal tea with rosemary and memory

Very far from medieval beliefs, are the voices that see rosemary as an advocate of good memory. Hence, rosemary was used as a symbolic plant of memory during funerals or war commemorations. In Australia, sprigs of rosemary are worn on Remembrance Day.

According to recent studies, rosemary could prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. In fact, rosemary has always been considered a remedy for memory and cognitive performance. This belief is confirmed by a study presented at the British Psychological Society's annual conference in 2013.

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