Oidium zucchini: natural remedies

Oidium zucchini: natural remedies

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Powdery mildew zucchini, it affects the leaves but ruins the whole plant and also the zucchini themselves, a very popular vegetable and which, especially in summer, is an excellent ingredient. Rich in waterIt is important for a healthy diet and that you also hydrate by not having a particularly strong flavor, also like those who in general do not like vegetables very much.

Powdery mildew zucchini or white mal

Also called bad white, it is one fungal disease considered a real scourge and not only for zucchini. In fact, it affects various other vegetables and fruit and ornamental plants. In the vegetable garden, we have to defend against powdery mildew courgettes, also aromatic herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and peppers, but courgettes remain favorites.

Oidium zucchini: yellow leaves

What the zucchini powdery mildew is going to ruin are the zucchini leaves that sprout right next to the yellow flowers making the plant very ornamental as well as productive. However, when powdery mildew occurs, whitish spots form on the underside or top of the leaves and it's not over. This "infection" continues and comes to completely dry the leaves preventing them from breathing.

There can be various factors causing this disease an unwelcome temperature, or a excess moisture. Other environmental conditions "unwelcome" to zucchini and which can lead to the formation of powdery mildew, are poor ventilation and lack of distance between plants. If the attack of this disease is strong and we don't have time to run for cover, the zucchini plants can die.

Oidium zucchini: natural remedies

Fortunately, there are natural remedies for this disease, since we must be able to eat zucchini and it is always better not to have to resort to chemical remedies. The best known natural remedies are based on milk, horsetail, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, garlic and chives.

By mixing all these ingredients with water, we obtain a liquid with which we can do a test. We take two or three leaves with signs of powdery mildew zucchini and let's see if it works and, above all, if no side effects appear.
Once we have confirmed that our "potion" is doing its duty as a natural remedy, then sprinkle it on the leaves of the zucchini.

It is not a remedy, but it is natural: it is called prevention. Today it is possible to prevent powdery mildew by choosing zucchini naturally resistant to the disease.

Powdery mildew, zucchini and sulfur

Sulfur is one of the most widely used substances to prevent zucchini powdery mildew attacks, or to intervene in the initial phase of the disease. If we become aware of the presence of this disease when many leaves have already been damaged, then sulfur cannot do much.

Sulfur, natural remedies or others recommended by experts, too based on biocarbonate, but we try not to use antifungal chemical treatments because they are harmful to both the environment and plants. They also destroy beneficial fungi.

Powdery mildew zucchini: cure

Treatments forpowdery mildew zucchini are varied, we have explored all the possibilities without delving into those enemies of the environment that already advertise too much by themselves. The best way to treat zucchini powdery mildew is to prevent it by taking care of your garden. Then avoiding water stagnation and making sure that the plants do not lack air.

Sure, it is time and attention is needed, but it will all be rewarded by some tasty zucchini. They are generally loved vegetables because they are low in calories, rich in water and therefore suitable for low-calorie and draining diets.

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