Eye color: genetics and meaning

Eye color: genetics and meaning

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Eye color, without wanting to remove poetry, but it is a question of genetics and age. Of course, it's not all predictable and calculated, so much so that children with eyes of an "unexpected" color can jump out. It also happens in animals other than humans and it seems that each color is related to the character of an individual. Do you believe it? Meanwhile, out of curiosity, let's find out what our eyes say about us.

Eye color: genetics

A Swedish study published in the scientific journal Biological Psychology, quite conclusively argues that there are correspondences between eye color and character. 428 people were analyzed and it seems that, for genetic reasons, the nuances of the gaze reflect what we are inside.

THE determining genes in fact, eye color plays an important role in forming a part of the frontal lobe of the brain, which affects our personality. For each color, therefore, some psychological characteristics can be associated.

Eye color: meaning

It is often said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so color should reveal at least some of what we are or think. All in theory, because it is mostly stereotypes: I imagine each of us knows people with eyes of the same color and totally different fonts. Perhaps, more than the eye color, the look counts.

Eye color: age

The eye color changes with age, above all in childhood and old age. Newborns usually have gray or blue eyes, this happens not to delude us but because there is little melanin, a substance produced by cells called melanocytes, which are activated only in the presence of light. Coming from 9 months of darkness, of course the baby didn't take much.

As i melanocytes become activated, the eyes change color and begin to assume the defined one: maybe it's blue, maybe it's gray, maybe it's quite another color. Passed a year, if the baby still has blue eyes, it means that his melanocytes secrete little melanin, otherwise they will have already turned green or nutty, or even brown.

Eye color: phrases

They have fascinated and inspired many poets, there are millions of phrases that speak of eye color. Here are three particularly interesting ones.

Every time you look at me I'm born in your eyes. (George Riechmann)
Your eyes, big, dark and beautiful, for a moment clung to mine and together we straightened and stood up, thanks almost to the strength of the gaze alone. (David Grossman)
I would like to see from your eyes, hear from your ears, hear with your skin, kiss with your mouth. (Frida Kahlo)
For those who want to read an entire book, The universe in your eyes by Jennifer Niven

How to understand eye color

To interpret the eye color, it is better to put aside the rumors and refer to the scientific studies published on the subject such as that ofUniversity of Edinburgh. The experts in this document argue that those with green eyes are charming and mysterious, original, creative but that they get too little angry while remaining unpredictable.

The blue eyes they are synonymous with shyness and the ability to resist pain, while black eyes are often associated with skill in sport, determination and a mysterious character. The people with light brown or hazel eyes they are independent and self-confident, balanced and sweet, those with gray eyes have a very refined disposition, they struggle to stay in balance between passions and rationality.

Different colored eyes

The phenomenon is called heterochromia, it is less rare than it seems and does not concern only humans, even animals such as horses, cats and dogs. From birth it has one eye of a different color from the other, it can also be a sign of eye disease, but it's not sure, it's necessary consult a doctor to understand the causes.

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