Wax flower: plant, cultivation and price

Wax flower: plant, cultivation and price

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Wax flower, so called because it actually looks like it came out of a botanical wax museum. In truth his name is Hoya, and his genus includes hundreds of different flowers with very different sizes and colors. Even the shape itself can change, it goes from spherical to more elongated, most of wax flowers, it has an excellent perfume, very intense.

Flower plant of wax and hoya carnosa

That of Hoya carnosa it is a genus to which hundreds of species belong to which the most recent cultivars are added. They come from South Asia, above all, but also from Australia and Polynesia. In Europe today it is not difficult to find, in nurseries, in shops, also as a hybrid or cultivar.

The wax flower it is appreciated for its flowers, in fact, which appear on small peduncles, which, once the first inflorescence withers, develops further and produces another. Not we remove the peduncles when the flowers they support wither!

Wax flower: meaning

The wax flower it is called that because it looks like wax. It is easy to say and few can argue with this evidence. It is a delicate and very decorative flower, is a symbol of beauty and elegance, a little exotic but not too much since it is not nowhere to be found even in Italy.

Wax flower: cultivation

It is not difficult to cultivate the wax flower even if it is not native to our parts. It is important not to neglect it, not so much because it dies but because it does not produce flowers if not well kept. IS it loses all its meaning.

It is a plant that does not like heat, nor places under the sun too strong, this does not mean that we have to put them in the cold because they suffer if temperature is below 8-10 ° C. These plants need light, and from March to September we must water them regularly.

Wax flower: flowering

The flowers appear in spring and remain in summer, sprouting on the long twining stems that the plant produces in the previous months, on which there are also large oval and leathery leaves, dark green. The flowers can be umbrella-shaped, usually, they form pendulous hemispheres consisting of small ones waxy, star-shaped, white flowers with red or pink center.

The wax flower it is a houseplant that can also be placed on the balcony in the warmer months. It can also be used as a climbing or creeping, if we have a trellis to which it can cling.

Wax flower: photo

In the photos shown here and that we also find elsewhere, we can admire various species of Hoya like the Hoya lanceolata, with white and very fragrant flowers, with a pink-purple center, native to India, or the Hoya imperialis, with very large pink, red or white flowers, very fragrant, native to Borneo.

There are also there Hoya multiflora, with its abundant but not very fragrant flowering, and the Hoya odorata, with creamy white inflorescences with a very intense perfume, originally from the Philippines.

Wax flower: price

Purchased online on Amazon on wax flower costs 5 euros and 50, in a 12 cm diameter vase.
In the garden centers or shops we find similar prices, it is a plant that adapts to the environment and thrives on it in our mild climate.

Climate wax flower

Usually in Italy we tend to grow it in pots, then keeping it in an apartment or greenhouse, to prevent frosts from ruining it. This wax-flowered plant in the South is also grown on the ground but must be protected in the cold months and planted in a well exposed position and perhaps protected by a wall to the South. It must never be at temperatures below 10 ° C, it blooms when there are 18 to 22 ° C.

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