Walking in the mountains

Walking in the mountains

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Walking in the mountains it is an activity that many love, it is suitable for any age because it can be done in various ways. In a very tiring and demanding way, but also in a relaxed way, without sweating too much. It is a very complete physical activity and which provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature without standing still but taking your head off for a day or an entire holiday. It usually blows good air on the tops, so walking in the mountains it's also good for our lungs, especially if we live in busy areas.

It is not a simple stroll, walking in the mountains, why they go kept breathing and heartbeat under control so as not to overdo it.

Hiking in the mountains: groups

There are groups that organize walk on the mountains, at every level, and especially for those who are inexperienced or are a bit lazy, they are an important initiative to find the strength to reach the top. Walking in the mountains it removes negative tensions, as well as bringing numerous benefits to the body, and the psychological benefits are multiplied if you walk in a group. The CAI it is known as an official group of mountain enthusiasts and they are certainly the reference reality. There are many other good ones to join from South to North.

Walking in the mountains is good for you and makes you lose weight

In addition to helping prevent some cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and heart attack, walking in the mountains tones your legs and buttocks and makes you lose weight. For those who don't need it, it helps keep their weight under control. This is true not if you do it once a year but on a regular basis, as soon as possible, trying to adopt the habit of going to the mountains for walks with friends.

It is also an excellent solution for those with diabetes because it burns a lot of reserve fat. If ideas are missing, here they are: “Walking in the mountains. Techniques and tips to move safely on the paths of the world”, A book by Aldo Leviti.

Walking in the mountains: calories burned

Walking in the mountains and walking on the flat are two very different things even at the level of calories burned. In the first case they burn at least 40% more. It should also be added that compared to running, if you want to burn fat, mountain walks are more useful.

By decreasing the intensity of motor activity, our body draws less and less from carbohydrates to prefer the energy source of adipose deposits. The best way to get back in shape without losing your muscle tone and energy.

Walking in the mountains with the dog

With our friend 4-legged walk in the mountains it is even more fun and stimulating but we do not take it lightly because he too needs some equipment like us. The leash, because it could meet wildlife, preferably with harness, more comfortable. They also serve the shovel to remove the poo that could do and the bowl. In some seasons at risk it is also important to remember the raincoat, for him and for us.

Walking in the mountains: nutrition

When we have to go hiking in the mountains we have to follow the sportsman's diet. Never run out of protein, don't eat carbohydrates too close to the walk, don't overdo the fats and never eliminate fruit. It is important to start with some stocks of energy foods and against sugar drops. Water, for those who walk in the mountains, must never be lacking.

Shoes for walking in the mountains

Comfortable but which protect the foot and avoid sprains or falls. This must be the shoes of those who go to the mountains. Today there are many models, even in sports shops accessible to all, or online, like this pair of men's hiking shoes in suede leather from 80 euros with rubber sole, lace-up.

Walking in the mountains: Lombardy

For those who have not yet noticed it, Lombardy is not only the Po valley, on the contrary, it is one of the most popular regions for those who want to walk in the mountains. In the book "The most beautiful trails between Lombardy and Ticino"We find 60 mountain itineraries recommended and illustrated by Sergio Papucci to be traveled in small or large groups, ranging from Ticino to the Orobie Alps.

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