EcoFuturo 2017 in Padua: from 12 to 16 July

EcoFuturo 2017 in Padua: from 12 to 16 July

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EcoFuturo 2017 will take place in Padua, from 12 to 16 July, and promises to be rich in content and with high-level speakers.

The first novelty is the new location that will host the Festival: it is theFenice Green Energy Park of Padua which will also offer a contribution in the promotion and dissemination of the new ones ecotechnologies.

The focus of the fourth edition of EcoFuturo Festival the new technologies remain that will ensure us a a better, eco-sustainable and supportive future.

The inauguration of the "monument to the plow"Will be the symbolic act with which this edition of Ecofuturo will open with the aim of communicating how everything will change, ensuring that the earth produces twice a year, giving energy and food and continuously improving its fertility.

This hope will be shipped to COP23 in Bonn with a letter, on the last day of the festival, signed by all ecotechnologies presented during the days of the festival and by all citizens who will be present at the festival, to ask that the COP23 host not only climatologists who predict negative climate changes but also industries, farmers and ecological men who approach the problem of changes climate in a proactive way, aiming to implement a major evolution towards a more ecological, equitable and economically transformed world.

These will be intense days that can also be followed live on Facebook, Youtube and in streaming on many Italian eco-environmental websites, including our Our website, media partner of the event. More than 8 hours of broadcast are expected.

Every night they are scheduled shows with great Italian eco-communicators: Lucia Cuffaro, Valerio Rossi Albertini, Jacopo Fo and Michele Dotti.

The attention to food and nutrition could not be missing with a dinner offered at 10 euros with pasta, ancient grains, traditional Italian sauces and organic wines.

A further reason to visit EcoFuturo are wellness operators and integrated medicine doctors who, from 18:00 to 20:00 every day, will describe the strategies to stay and return to health naturally.

EcoFuturo: presentation video

To have a preview on EcoFuturo 2017 I propose below the video by Michele Dotti:

EcoFuturo 2017: program

The program of EcoFuture it is very rich and is already available on the official website of the event which I recommend you visit and put in your favorites to stay updated on any updates.

EcoFuture will open with the welcome of Andrea Grigoletto, Andreas Spatharos (Fenice Green Energy Park) and Fabio Roggiolani (Ecofuturo), followed by the screening of the video "Air, Earth, Fire and Water - Italian Ecotechnologies in Brussels”).

EcoFuturo 2017: entrance tickets

From this year, entry to EcoFuturo is TOTALLY FREE!

EcoFuturo: map

To orient yourself in the exhibition spaces of EcoFuturo you can use this downloadable map in an enlarged version with a simple click.

EcoFuturo: how to get there

EcoFuturo is located on Lungargine Gerolamo Rovetta a few kilometers from Padua. Below is an interactive map to guide you ...

EcoFuturo 2017: where to sleep

On the occasion of the EcoFuturo 2017 Festival at the Fenice Park it will be possible camping for free!
However, it is necessary to book no later than 5 July at this email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can stay in one of the many farmhouses located near the park. For more information and to book, please contact Alexandra Frontalini ofSwanteWit Travel Agency to the email address [email protected]

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